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As a copywriting AI language model, I will provide an article on the ASUU agreement.

The ASUU agreement, also known as the Academic Staff Union of Universities agreement, is a contract signed between the union representing academic staff in Nigerian universities and the federal government of Nigeria.

The agreement was first signed in 2009, with the aim of improving the quality of education and working conditions for academic staff in Nigerian universities. However, due to the inability of the federal government to meet its obligations, the agreement has been renegotiated several times over the years.

As of 2021, the ASUU agreement is yet to be fully implemented, causing unrest in the academic sector. The union has gone on strike several times in the past to demand the implementation of the agreement.

The ASUU agreement covers various issues, including funding for universities, conditions of service for academic staff, and infrastructure development. The agreement also includes provisions for the review of salaries and allowances for academic staff.

The implementation of the ASUU agreement is crucial for the development of the Nigerian education sector. It is expected to improve the quality of education in Nigerian universities by providing better funding, facilities, and working conditions for academic staff.

In conclusion, the ASUU agreement is an essential contract that has the potential to transform the Nigerian education sector by providing better working conditions for academic staff and improving the quality of education in universities. Therefore, it`s necessary for the federal government of Nigeria to meet its obligations and implement the agreement in full.