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If you`re in the construction or contracting industry, you may find yourself needing to know how to say “subcontract” in French. It`s a common term that refers to the process of hiring another company or individual to perform some of the work on a project. Here`s how to say “subcontract” in French:

The word for “subcontract” in French is “sous-traiter.” It`s pronounced “soo-tray-tay.” This verb is used to describe the act of hiring another company or individual to perform work on your behalf.

For example, if you`re a general contractor and you need someone to install plumbing in a building you`re constructing, you might subcontract that work to a plumbing company. In French, you would say, “Je vais sous-traiter l`installation de la plomberie à une entreprise spécialisée.” (“I`m going to subcontract the plumbing installation to a specialized company.”)

If you`re working with a French-speaking client or partner, it`s important to know the correct terminology to use. Whether you`re negotiating the terms of a subcontract or simply discussing the process, being able to speak the language correctly can help you establish trust and build stronger relationships.

It`s also worth noting that different industries may use different terminology for subcontracting. For example, in the IT industry, “outsourcing” is often used instead of “subcontracting.” Depending on your specific field, you may want to research the appropriate terms to use.

In conclusion, “sous-traiter” is the correct term for “subcontract” in French. Whether you`re communicating with French-speaking colleagues or clients, having a strong command of the language can help you navigate the subcontracting process with confidence.